An intense flashback to Mediterranean origins


Magallanes Robust superior category Olive Oil is obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means. Its deep flavor is given by the Picual/ Cornicabra olive variety with greenly fruity olive hints and a light peppery and bitter olive leaf taste.

When used for marinades, pasta and salad Dressings the full-bodied flavor of Magallanes Robust Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a flashback to the origins of the Mediterranean.


33 serving per container

Servings size                                 1tbsp (15 ml)

Amount per serving

Calories                                                    123

.                                                                 %DV*

Total Fat                                  14g           22%

.      Satured Fat                        2g           10%

Sodium                                    0mg          0%

Total Carbohydrate               0g              0%

Protein                                     0g              0%

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